Tom’s Ten Data Tips

In the past, I have maintained a newsletter called “Tom’s Ten Data Tips” from May 2006 until February¬†2013. The topics are eclectic, but -as the name suggests- all related to “data”, and how to extract value from it.

I no longer own the domain where this material originally was published, and some other company has acquired that, in case you are wondering.

TomsTenDataTips 200605 Data Quality

TomsTenDataTips 200606 Data Warehousing

TomsTenDataTips 200607 Privacy

TomsTenDataTips 200608 Data Mining Models

TomsTenDataTips 200609 CRM

TomsTenDataTips 200610 Marketing Accountability

TomsTenDataTips 200611 Search Engines

TomsTenDataTips 200612 Market Research

TomsTenDataTips 200701 IT Governance

TomsTenDataTips 200702 Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

TomsTenDataTips 200703 Problem Analysis

TomsTenDataTips 200704 Customer Profitability

TomsTenDataTips 200705 Web Usage Analysis

TomsTenDataTips 200706 Forecasting

TomsTenDataTips 200707 Credit Scoring

TomsTenDataTips 200709 Vendor Selection

TomsTenDataTips 200710 Affinity Analysis

TomsTenDataTips 200711 Campaign Optimisation

TomsTenDataTips 200712 Data Preparation

TomsTenDataTips 200801 Data Mining Algorithms

TomsTenDataTips 200802 Data Mining for CRM

TomsTenDataTips 200803 Dashboards and Scorecards

TomsTenDataTips 200804 Data Quality Assessment

TomsTenDataTips 200805 OLAP

TomsTenDataTips 200806 XBRL

TomsTenDataTips 200807 Decision Trees

TomsTenDataTips 200808 Segmentation

TomsTenDataTips 200809 Missing Data

TomsTenDataTips 200810 Corporate Strategy

TomsTenDataTips 200811 Neural Networks

TomsTenDataTips 200812 ETL

TomsTenDataTips 200901 Agile Software Development

TomsTenDataTips 200902 Survey Sampling

TomsTenDataTips 200903 Balanced Scorecards

TomsTenDataTips 200904 Life Time Value

TomsTenDataTips 200905 Usability Research

TomsTenDataTips 200906 History of Mathematics

TomsTenDataTips 200907 Data Quality Policy

TomsTenDataTips 200908 Data Warehouse Development

TomsTenDataTips 200909 Software Testing

TomsTenDataTips 200910 Open Source

TomsTenDataTips 200911 Applied Probability Theory

TomsTenDataTips 200912 Predictive Modeling

TomsTenDataTips 201001 Survey Design

TomsTenDataTips 201002 Data Visualization

TomsTenDataTips 201003 Value from Transaction Data

TomsTenDataTips 201004 Customer Value Management

TomsTenDataTips 201005 Data Warehouse Testing

TomsTenDataTips 201006 Open Source BI

TomsTenDataTips 201007 Meta Data

TomsTenDataTips 201008 Text Mining

TomsTenDataTips 201009 Technical Reviews

TomsTenDataTips 201011 How To Build Predictive Models

TomsTenDataTips 201012 Internet Surveys

TomsTenDataTips 201101 Self Service BI

TomsTenDataTips 201102 Retrospectives

TomsTenDataTips 201103 Cybercrime

TomsTenDataTips 201104 Surrounding requirements

TomsTenDataTips 201105 Time Boxing

TomsTenDataTips 201106 Data Vault

TomsTenDataTips 201107 Hands On Data Mining

TomsTenDataTips 201108 Theory of Constraints

TomsTenDataTips 201109 Writing Survey Questions

TomsTenDataTips 201110 Churn modeling

TomsTenDataTips 201111 Agile Planning

TomsTenDataTips 201112 Visual Facilitation

TomsTenDataTips 201201 Big Data

TomsTenDataTips 201202 Data Models

TomsTenDataTips 201203 Agile Coaching

TomsTenDataTips 201204 Throughput accounting

TomsTenDataTips 201205 Agile estimation

TomsTenDataTips 201206 Managing Quality Improvement

TomsTenDataTips 201207 Group Facilitation

TomsTenDataTips 201208 Kanban

TomsTenDataTips 201209 Data Science

TomsTenDataTips 201210 Technical Debt

TomsTenDataTips 201211 Datawarehouse Automation

TomsTenDataTips 201212 Experiential learning

TomsTenDataTips 201301 Data Virtualization

TomsTenDataTips 201302 Advanced agile planning