Thoughts and rants on how to use, or misuse data analytics in the workplace. Having spent my entire career as a “data geek”, I have always aimed to support business objectives by offering insight, building predictive models, help shape and create environments where companies can put their data to good use.

Over the years, I have grown convinced that data is a great enabler; it allows anybody, anywhere in the organization (irrespective of rank or title) to “lead” the company. This can be by providing new insights, or maybe shedding new light or different perspectives on the current business (model). This is where innovations starts.

Businesses are in constant flux, can never stay static. To prosper in times of change, you need to be and stay aware of events in, as well as outside of the company. It;s not enough to be profitable, you constantly need to be thinking (be critical!) about where you are making your money now, and why, and where you expect to be making money in the future.